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would you me baiser?

o1. name:Molly
o2. age:17
o3. location:Massachusetts
o4. sports/hobbies:rollerblading,snowmobiling,soccer,bball,tubing,horseback riding
o5. top 5 favorite musical artists:HILARY DUFF!!!!!! lol!! cowboy troy,aaron carter,ryan caberera,garth brooks
o6. top 5 favorite movies:Any movie w/ Matthew Perry in it, F*R*I*E*N*D*S,Big Fat Liar,Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius,National Treasure
o7. favortie type of candy:skittles
o8. olives or grapes?:grapes!!!!1
o9. do you have any tattoos or piercings? if so, provide some pics:just ears. boring. :-(
o1o. sexual preference:strait
o11. single or taken? if taken show us some pics:single :-( boohoo!!
o12. favorite thing about yourself:my smile
o13. least favorite thing about yourself:my nose!! ewww.
o14. rate yourself [1-10]:6
o15. put one of the banners in your info: info
o16. put one of the banners in a public entry:

PICS, please post a 2oox2oo picture for the members page as well:

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